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Get your ONLINE presence right, the first time around!

We are a member of one of South Africa's most affordable Website Design Companies.

Let us get your Online presence up to speed within 24 hours!


SME (most popular)


Upfront Costs Between R0 & R3500 Between R0 & R3500
Monthly Fee R165 R69
Free trial and free software upgrades
Two personal account managers
Search Engine Optimisation included
Access to self management tool
e-Commerce Unlimited Products Limited to 5 Products
Advanced System ---
Unlimited Pages ---
Content Management System ---
Website Hits Counter ---
Google Sitemap Submission ---
Google Maps ---
Bulk Emailing List ---
Search Term Reports ---
Industry Modules
(See Below In Additional Features)
Starter System ---
--- Landing Page
--- About Us
--- Products & Services
Limited to 5 products.
--- Easy Website Design Tool
--- Content Managment System
--- Ecommerce List 5 Products
--- Contact Us incl Google Map
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